Jakks Pacific Spy Watch, for the Frustrated Spy Kid in You

Consider this as a modern-day spy watch for kids. The Jakks Pacific Spy Net Video Watch features a built-in video camera, a 1.4-inch color TFT video screen for image viewing and video playback, and an additional US$29.99 Spy Net Snake Cam to enable you to see around corners.

The camera can let your kid (or even you, if you are into kiddie spy watches) capture up to 20 minutes of video, three hours of audio, or a lot of still images. All of the media files can be transferred to PC through a USB connection and uploaded to SpyNetHQ.com. The audio content can even be analyzed for a lie detector test. How cool is that?

The watch costs $49.99 and is available as we speak.

Source: Gearlog, via CrunchGear

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