Jake Dyson Motorlight Floor

Jake Dyson Motorlight Floor

With the many gadgets and high-end devices that we own, we seem to have forgotten about the use of light and the importance of having innovations about its usage. Thankfully, Jake Dyson has not. In fact, it just created the first angle uplight motorlight floor

The Jake Dyson Motorlight Floor gives you the option to vary light angles so that it would suit your needs. The motorlight was initially created to work from a simple light through to a more complex spotlighting. But with the mechanical advances that were designed within this device, it can now be set to a more precise angle of light. Moreover, it can also be activated to cycle through adjusting angles. You also have more control over the amount of light that you want to project.

The Jake Dyson Motorlight Floor comes in clear, white, red, black, and blue glows.

It is available for the retail price of £495.

Image Source: jakedyson.com

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