Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Tracker 

Dogs, as man’s best friend, sometimes need better care from their owners. While many dog owners would like to give such personal attention to them, busy schedules sometimes can make that impossible. At the very least, some would like to always know what their lovable dogs are up to when they are not at home. The Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Tracker can help dog owners do just that.

The Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Tracker is an innovative device that will provide dog owners with information that will help monitor their dog’s health and welfare. This device can be attached to any dog collars in the market to make it a smart dog collar. It comes with a tracker that can monitor a number of key indicators that determine your pet dog’s health, wellness, and therefore, happiness level.

The Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Tracker pairs up with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and using a downloadable app. Sensors in the device along with the wellness algorithm then monitors, analyze and then evaluate their daily well-being based on key aspects such as hunger, thirst, sleep, stress levels and others. The data is then presented to the dog owner through the app, which also provides suggestions that can impact a dog’s behavior and well-being.

The Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Tracker also keeps track of the dog’s movement and provide dog owners with updates on their dog all day long. This smart dog collar is just small enough so as not to become a bother when your dog wears it. The Jagger & Lewis Smart Dog Tracker is expected to be available sometime in May of this year. It can be pre-ordered at their Kickstarter page. A pledge of $139 will get you the smart collar device.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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