Jabra Motion UC Headset

Hands free headsets have become essential devices for office use. People increasingly use them to answer calls from their smartphones or computers. Those Bluetooth headsets have come a long way in terms of features that make them convenient to use. One of the more advanced headsets coming out of the market recently is the Jabra Motion UC Headset.

The Jabra Motion UC Headset comes with the latest intelligent technology that allows users to communicate more conveniently. This Bluetooth headset comes with a number of new features not seen in other similar wireless headsets before. The Jabra Motion UC now offers NFC support. Synching the Jabra Motion with an NFC-enabled smart phone or device only requires tapping them together. The intuitive call control features of the Jabra Motion also make it very convenient to use. It comes with built-in motion sensors that detect your movement and your surroundings. The Jabra Motion will automatically answer a call just by picking it up and placing into your ear. A voice control feature allows you to pick up a call using a voice command. A foldable microphone boom also allows you to start and end the phone conversation.

The Jabra Motion also adjusts the speaker volume automatically based on the surrounding noise. This ensures that you get the ideal speaker volume for your calls. The Jabra Motion UC comes with a convenient case and charger base. It also comes with a Bluetooth nano adapter that you can connect to your PC or laptop to extend the range of headset connectivity. It allows users to move up to 100 meters or 300 feet away from their PC and still connect their calls. The Jabra Motion UC is available at selected retailers for around US$129.

Image Source: Jabra

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