iWatchz Nanoclipz For iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano from Apple has certainly been getting some interesting attention for all the unique reasons. It seems that the new iPod Nano with its interesting square design also makes it quite attractive to wear as a wrist watch. As a result, many companies are now out to make the Nano as a wearable wrist watch with the iWatchz Nanoclipz as just one of them.

The iWatchz Nanoclipz is essentially a special wrist band that uses a patented system in order to hold the new iPod Nano in place, making it become wearable as a cool wrist watch. It clips on to the Nano securely making it look like just another attractive wrist watch and not the Nano as others may presume. The iWatchz Nanoclipz is now available at iWatchz as well as Apple Stores for around US$25.

Image Source: iWatchz

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