iWallie: Half iPhone Case, Half Wallet

Don’t you just hate the fact that when you put your wallet and smartphone in each of your pant pockets, you end up looking like you have wider hips? Fifteen-year-old Vojtech Svarc of Czech Republic probably felt the same way. He got frustrated that he could not find an iPhone case that also carried the contents of his wallet, he decided to make one himself.

Thus, the iWallie was born. This iPhone 5 case also works as a wallet and you do not have to remove the phone from its case or even open the wallet when using it. Strategically-located cut-outs enables your iPhone 5 to be functioning at its fullest potential: the camera, port, physical buttons, and speakers are unblocked. Note that the iWallie does not have screen protection since the iPhone’s display faces outside the case.

Svarc thought this invention would become the next big thing among iPhone accessories, but his pockets are not deep enough, so he and his father turned to Indiegogo. As of this posting, they have received $1,900 out of their $10,000 funding goal. And since they have opted for Indiegogo’s flexible funding, they will still receive whatever amount has been raised (minus the fees)–and the contributors would still receive the perks–even if their goal was not reached two weeks from now.

Backers can choose from 8 different color combinations, including black/ red, black/ lime green, white/ light blue, and white/ pink. While the iWallie only fits the iPhone 5, Svarc plans on creating versions for older iPhone models if his invention becomes a success.

Source: Mashable

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