iWalk Extreme 10000 Duo Backup Battery

When it comes to portable devices, power is always a necessity. The need for power is usually greater for people who always bring multiple portable devices with them. This brings a need for backup batteries that can supply added power for devices even while on the go. While most external backup power sources today have become quite numerous in terms of choices, there is still that need for more power. The iWalk Extreme 10000 Duo Backup Battery aims to fulfill that need for more power for multiple gadget users.

The iWalk Extreme 10000 Duo Backup Battery is a portable backup power source that you can always depend on to provide added power for your devices. It comes with a 10000mAh capacity battery to supply the power to your depleted devices while on the go. It is capable of charging Micro USB-based devices as well as your iPhone 5. It is a universal battery charger that can charge a couple of your portable devices at the same time.

The iWalk Extreme 10000 Duo comes with a 2.1A rapid charging port if you really need some quick power for your device, along with the 1.0A port. It also comes with overcharge protection circuitry to avoid problems when you leave it charging for the whole day. Its slim profile also makes it quite ideal to bring along just about anywhere. It also comes with a LED flashlight that you can use during emergencies. The iWalk Extreme 10000 Duo Backup Battery is available at iWalk for US$100.

Image Source: iWalk USA


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