Iwaku Wake Up Light

iWakuWaking up in the morning is not a welcome ritual for some people who think that they need more sleep. Sometimes, it is not just the early time in the morning that bother’s people. They way they are roused up from their slumber also matters a lot. Most people will prefer a gentle but effective wake up regimen in the morning if it is available. That sudden shock hearing alarm sounds blaring early in the morning just will not do for some people. The new iwaku Wake Up Light may help provide a suitable and gentle alternative.

The iwaku Wake Up Light is a desktop lamp at first glance. But it offers more than just a usual light source. In fact, it is a unique looking lamp that connects wirelessly to a smartphone using an app. You can then control the iwaku Wake Up Lamp from there. One possible use is that it makes use of light to help wake you up gently to a new day. The iwaku can provide different levels of light intensity according to your sleep cycle. Based on your alarm clock setting, the iwaku can gradually change its light intensity to help wake your physiological systems even before you wake up in the physical sense. Your wake up time can be coordinated to your sleep phase so that you naturally wake up in the morning feeling ready to go throughout the day. The iwaku can also be used for light therapy during the winter to help banish the blues. Other uses may be possible since other third party applications are allowed to communicate with iwaku. This unique-looking desk lamp is expected to be available in Europe sometime this fall. Arrival in North America will come soon after. It is expected to cost around 229 Euros or US$299.

Image Source: Iwaku

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