IT Trends Predicted for 2009

Call it starting the New Year right. But, for us, it is what we call yearly fad. So to give you an insight of what is cool and what may be on the other side of the road, below are the things that are in and out in the IT world. 

What’s in?

The following trends will continue this year: Info Tech professionals with business skill, Web-based apps, saving money through automated processes, Macs, virtualization, Core 17, thin clients, WIMAX, Ubuntu, Business Intelligence, telecommuting, and HP desktops and laptops. It is also predicted that appliance stuff that has a multifunction serves, and smartphones will figure prominently this 2009.

Other trends for 2009 include: video conferences, energy conservation, and accelerating WANs, 3G broadbands, betbooks, Microsoft Office on the Web, CIOs with minimum tech background, and IT or business integration.

What’s out?

On the other hand, the following do not look promising in 2009: technical certs, build-it-yourself custom softwares, XPs upgraded to Vista, endless racks of small servers, Pentium, the Metro Wi-Fi, Red Hat, overloaded data of SNMP, Dell laptops and dektops, notebooks that serve as desktop replacements, fiber optic communication, frame relays,and Windows Live, Azure, Mes.

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