Isabella Mini Photo Sharing USB Stick

Sharing photos has become quite common nowadays, not to mention more convenient. Many devices such as digital photo frames allow users to share photos with friends in substitute to the bulky standard photo album. But its sharing features may just be limited to what may be stored in it. The new Isabella Mini may provide an added feature this time by making regular digital frames wireless.

The Isabella Mini Photo Sharing USB Stick is unlike any regular USB device. It is in fact a USB dongle that can provide wireless features to a digital frame or even TV’s and allow them to receive photos from a mobile phone, PC or even the Internet. The Mini features its own 3G broadband connection that allows it to offer real time photo sharing and then store them on connected devices wirelessly. The Isabella Mini Photo Sharing USB stick is expected to be available in the market any time soon and may cost around US$99. This is apart from Isabella’s VizitMe service where users may be able to access and store photos at US$79 per year.

Image Source: Isabella Products

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