Is this 999-Dollar iPhone App Worth the Price?

BarMax CA Edition

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps currently available, but not all of them could turn out to be beneficial in any way, like the one that turns your phone into a hand warmer-and damage it in the long run.

Recently, an iPhone app turns up at the App Store and it costs US$999.99, but what does it do to make it worth the price?  If you are an aspiring lawyer, a lot.

BarMax:  California Edition is developed to provide a complete bar exam prep solution as it offers reviews for the different aspects of this grueling examinations from Essay tests to Multistate Bar questions.  It features over 1,500 multiple choice and essay practice questions that were previously asked in past bar exams.  It’s like squeezing over 50 pounds of law books right into the palm of your hand!

The BarMax CA also includes outlines and audio lectures for all 12 subjects covered on the Multistate and California Bar Exams, over 1,000 flashcards, practice performance tests, and skeleton outlines for note taking.  Users can also get into contact with Harvard-educated lawyers for e-mail support.  In addition, users receive a Welcome Packet containing all materials in MS Word format and optional hard copy printouts.  For those who do not have an iPhone, do not fret because BarMax could even ship an iPod Touch as part of the packet (not sure if it’s for free, though).

Unlike other iPhone apps that prepare law students for the bar, the BarMax CA does not have an in-class element.  Users do not need to enroll to any review class, which could cost thousands of dollars more than what they have bargained for.

There are, however, some downers.  For one, this app is over one gigabyte in size, one of the largest in the App Store.  If you do not have enough space, might as well ditch some apps to accommodate the BarMax CA.

The BarMax CA is now available at the Apple App Store.  The company will also create more versions of the BarMax for New York and five other states by the end of 2010.  If you find $999.99 too extravagant, BarMax will soon provide a multiple-choice-only version for $500.

Image source:  BarMax

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