Is Motorola Xoom Tablet Priced at $1,200?

A tipster on Engadget revealed that Motorola’s upcoming Xoom tablet was listed on Best Buy’s website with a whopping price of US$1,199.99. Pre-orders, according to the site, will begin on February 17 in Best Buy stores.

If this holds true, it would dismay many techies, impressed with this tablet’s specs (especially its Android 3.0 OS), who thought it would be priced at around $800.

Apart from the exorbitant price, users are also required to activate a month’s worth of Verizon data, even though they are not locked in any sort of contract.

The listing has since been removed from the website, but we never know whether it was an honest mistake or a move to hide the Motorola Xoom from further embarrassment.

Source: CNET

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