Is Microsoft Launching Windows Phone 7?

The buzz around the techie world is that Microsoft is gearing up to launch its Windows Phone 7 on October 11, citing “senior figures within the industry” according to Pocket-lint. The Windows 7-powered smartphone, which will be manufactured by Samsung, will roll out later that month, if sources are to be believed. The launch, says the source, will be held in New York City and will be broadcast in many parts of the world.

The news about Microsoft developing smartphones first erupted during Mobile World Congress this year, when the computer giant announced that it was developing a new mobile operating system that aims to bump heads with the likes of iOS and Google Chrome OS. It was then followed up by an announcement of a smartphone being made.

After all the excitement that has been brewing, the question now would be, “Are you ready?”

Source: Pocket-lint, via Engadget

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