Is 3D Gaming in Nintendo 3DS Safe for Kids?

With 3D gaming becoming a buzz word in the years to come with next year’s introduction of Nintendo 3DS, issues have been raised whether it is safe especially for our eyes.

As of now, there have been conflicting reports. The Japanese warning guidelines of the handheld gaming device advice players that 3D gameplay causes eye fatigue faster than the usual 2D gaming, which is why they need to take 30-minute break in between playing (as if that’s possible). If players do get sick, they should stop playing in 3D mode altogether. Also, children below the age of 6 should not play in 3D as their eyes are still developing, which is why there is a control in Nintendo 3DS that switches the 3D mode to 2D gaming.

It does not mean, however, that letting kids play in 3D would damage their eyes. Nintendo is worried that “tricking” the eyes of children to see simulated 3D images from the screen would cause their vision to “forget” how to see three-dimensional images properly. There have been yet to have real testing about the effects of 3D gaming and children’s eyesight.

Source: Engadget

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