iRobot Terra Robot Mower

Most people await the arrival of summer. While there is certainly some excitement, there are also other things that some people may dread. Cleaning the yard may just be one of them. Mowing grass can be a chore for many people during the summer. But it does not have to be with the new iRobot Terra Robot Mower.

If you want to look at a well-manicured lawn when you’re at home but do not have the time to do the work, then the new iRobot Terra Robot Mower can do the job for you. Its maker, iRobot Corp., aims to further advance home automation with its new device. The iRobot Terra Robot Mower can effectively and efficiently mow your lawn even while you’re away. It features a cutting-edge navigation technology that allows it to sense its surroundings and location using a unique beacon system.

The iRobot Terra Robot Mower is also able to figure out how long it will take to complete its mowing task. In cases where its battery may not be enough to finish the job, it will have enough reserves to head back to its charging base to recharge. Once it gets sufficient charge, it will then resume its task until the work is completed.  The iRobot Terra Robot Mower helps address the need for automating the mowing tasks in any home. The way it is able to work independently makes it an invaluable addition to the future automated home. The iRobot Terra Robot Mower will be made available as a beta program in the US this year. Its final availability and pricing is set to be announced at a later date.

Image Source: iRobot

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