iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot V.2

irobot looj gutter cleaning robot

You need to clean gutters regularly to avoid overspills, water damage, ice dams, as well as insect infestation. However, it can be a messy and time consuming job, not to mention dangerous. iRobot came up with an innovative solution: the Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot. Last Christmas, however, iRobot cut the prices of the Looj 120, 130, and 150 models, with rumors that the company would discontinue these models.

But those who love the Looj can rejoice now. Fortunately, iRobot announced a new and improved line of the Looj during the 2009 CES – the Looj 125, 135, and 155 models. The second generation gutter cleaning device has new features that include anti-flipping auger, internal antenna, tool-less battery door, and smart speed. These features improve the cleaner’s overall performance, making the cleaning faster and better than ever.

The iRobot Looj is the only gutter-cleaning robot in the world. The second generation Looj has addressed the several design complaints with the earlier line and is now getting more positive response from the consuming public. The new iRobot Looj gutter cleaning robot will be available this spring for $129.99 at the and some retailers.

Image Source: Robot Review

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