iRobot Adds New Roomba 960 To Its Robot Vacuum Line

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robot vacuumRobot vacuums have really become more common nowadays. It seems that people love the convenience of letting the robot do most of the cleaning work at home with little supervision. But just like with most products, robot vacuums also becomes better and improved as years come and go. Newer models like the Roomba 960  from leading robot vacuum manufacturer iRobot will surely have something new and improved to offer.

Roomba 960 Features

The new iRobot Roomba 960 features a robot vacuum that offers five times more air power than most of the previous generations of Roomba cleaners. It also makes use of extended mapping and adaptive navigation capabilities to make it even more efficient in cleaning floors. Upgraded sensors makes it able to focus on dirtier areas in the home. It comes with brushes and debris-extractors that can get into hard-to-reach dust and provide a thorough clean in multiple areas of the home.

The Roomba 960 also  comes with WiFi connectivity, allowing its users to control it via an app over the cloud. With the iRobot app, users can schedule and customize cleaning times and modes remotely using WiFi or a Bleutooth connection. A full charge can allow this robot vacuum to do a cleaning round for up to 75 minutes, after which it automatically returns to to its charging facility to recharge and resume its cleaning task until it completes the job.

The Roomba 960 is one of the more affordable options introduced in the Roomba 900 Series of robot vacuums. The Roomba 960 is now available in the market for around $700.

Image Source: iRobot


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