iRiver Lplayer 8GB Portable MP3 Player

iRiver Lplayer 8GB portable mp3

The iRiver Lplayer is quite a unique offering from the company made popular through its line of portable mp3 players. The Lplayer is unique in a sense that the type of controls it employs may be surprising and yet a welcome addition to a quite engaging gadget in itself.

What makes the Lplayer quite unique aside from it rather small stature but with a rather big 8GB worth of storage is how its controls are designed. For one, the entire screen sits on a four way pressure pad. In essence, the whole display acts as a large button that controls the player’s interface.

A push on one of the sides allow the user to gain access of the menu as well as the player’s contents. And not only does this player store and play audio files, it is also capable of playing your videos as well as photos and can be displayed on its convenient 2 inch screen. It also has a built in digital FM tuner and an integrated voice recorder.

Image Source: iRiver

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