iRiver Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Mp3 Player

Mickey Mouse MP3 player

Just when you thought that everybody’s favorite Disney character has appeared in all kinds of toys, gadgets, and collectibles, good old Mickey is now making its way into the portable audio player market. All Mickey Mouse fans would want to add this cute, little device to their collection. The iRiver Mickey Mouse Mp3 player or Mplayer is designed for all those young at heart who want to proudly display their love for Mickey.

The Mplayer is shaped like the classic Mickey Mouse logo. This design holds the Philips PNX0103ET sound processor. It has a few, simple controls but no LCD display. Twisting the corresponding ears will browse tracks and control the volume. Anyone would enjoy this sweet and cute way of adjusting the toy-like Mplayer.

And to coincide with the Chinese year of the golden rat, iRiver has released the Limited Edition Mickey Mouse player plated in an elegant gold. This Mplayer has an internal memory of 2 GB, an upgrade from the non-gold 1 GB Mplayer. The gold Mplayer doubles as a cute accessory and adds to your bling. Disney collectors should hurry and get their hands on a golden Mickey, as it is available for a limited time only.

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