iRiver 1Clix8B Clix

iRiver 1Clix8B Clix

The new iRiver Clix8B Clix is a redesigned iRiver that boasts of a vibrant 2.2-inch OLED screen that allows for full-color viewing. It also has around 8 GB of internal memory so you will be able to store many videos and mp3s in it. It can play music, show different pictures and it supports a vast array of video formats such as WMA, ASF, WMV9 Sp, MPEG 1/2/2.5 MPEG4, TXT, Macromedia Flash Lite and non-progressive JPEG multimedia files.

One of the good things about the iRiver is that it has a subscription to pay-per-song music services so you have access to so many songs which are available to you without even spending a ton of money

The iRiver Clix also has voice-recording capabilities which is excellent for students and business users when they are brainstorming about something. It has an alarm clock, a digital FM tuner, a timer and is compatible with the Windows operating system. Add to that the fast USB 2.0 connectivity and you have a keeper for an multimedia player.

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