IRIScan Mouse and Scanner in One

Having a device that has a dual function can be quite convenient to use. You may be able to save money buying one in the long run, not to mention needing only to bring one device instead of two to provide you with different tasks when needed. But these functions should also somehow be a complement to the other if one would like to find it useful. One such device is this IRIScan Mouse and Scanner in one.

The IRIScan Mouse and Scanner is a handy device that not only lets you navigate through the screen as a PC mouse but also allows you to scan printed materials and convert them into digitized and editable text. The IRScan Mouse comes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. At a touch of a button, you can swipe over a document or an image and you can then convert and digitize them which can appear instantly on your computer screen. The software that comes with the mouse scanner can stitch the image together to give you a single digitized version of a document or photo and not just several broken parts.

This mouse and scanner in one can scan any type of document or photo in 400dpi. Scanned text can also be directly edited into Worde, Outlook or Excel. The IRIScan Mouse and Scanner can be a handy device to have at the office or in the home. It is available at the IRIS website for US$79.

Image Source: IRIS

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