Iridium Go satellite hotspot gets you online anywhere

Iridium Go satellite hotspot

Iridium Go satellite hotspot

Internet coverage is not spread equally across the globe. While it could take years, even decades, to have a global WiFi coverage, this device will do for now.

Iridium, maker of satellite phones, unveils a satellite hotspot that keeps your mobile devices wired wherever in the world you may be. The Iridium Go can let up to five WiFi-equipped gadgets to hop on the Internet, send text messages, and make calls even in places where there is no cellular signal.

This device is ideal for people who love the rugged outdoor adventures, as its rugged design and SOS mode becomes handy in case of emergency.

The Iridium Go comes with an official android and iOS apps, as well as a developer kit that allows third-party software programmers take advantage of the satellite link.

The company plans on shipping its satellite hotspot in the first half of the year. While there is no clear pricing at this point, Iridium promises it will cost below $800, the company’s “lowest cost” offering to date.

Source: Engadget

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