Iqua 603 SUN Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset

iqua sun

Things are getting more exciting this year with the release of gadgets that use solar power. At the 2009 CES, Iqua was proud to introduce what it claimed as the first Bluetooth headset in the world powered by solar energy – the Iqua 603 SUN. This wireless headset has a photovoltaic cell that can use any available light to charge itself. Theoretically, the headset has an infinite standby time.

The use of solar power is only one of the great things about the Iqua SUN. With a single button, you can take or end calls, redial or use voice dial, and switch calls between your headset and phone. With this headset, you can also enjoy wireless VOIP calls and a crystal clear sound at your convenience. Iqua SUN also fits securely and perfectly in your ear.

On the downside, the Bluetooth headset performs poorly in windy conditions. In terms of aesthetics, the Iqua SUN is a bit bulky. But the bottom line is, although it may not look like much compared to other headsets in the market today, Iqua SUN’s solar power source attracts those who want a headset with an eco-friendly touch. Price range:  $60.46 – $122.95.

Image Source: Iqua

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