iPotty: Toilet Training with iPad

People, especially parents, who passed by the CTA Digital booth at CES 2013 are doing a double-take with this unusual piece of plastic: a potty trainer with an iPad holder in front of it.

The toilet-training device, cheekily named iPotty, targets toddlers and young children who needed a bit of distraction while doing the one or two. It comes with a splash protector placed underneath the iPad, a lid that converts iPotty into a seat, and even a pee guard for the boys. All parts can be disassembled for easy-peezy cleaning.

While the $40 children’s toilet does not come with a specific app, parents can use several kid-friendly apps available in the App Store for their young ones to swipe and tap. Some parents might not agree with the gadget’s premise that entertaining the kids with an iPad would keep them in place as long as it takes, but then again they need all the help they can get to get their children’s job done.

Source: CNET

Photo credit: Amanda Kooser/ CNET

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