iPod Shuffle Comes in Color and Stainless Steel

iPod Shuffle in Color

Apple has added color to the iPod Shuffle.  Users can now choose between pink, green, and blue aside from the usual silver and black anodized aluminum enclosures.  Oh, and did we mention that the smallest media player will also sell at a lower price, much like its cousins?  Now, the 2GB model can be bought for just US$59 while the 4GB version is now available for only $79.

iPod Shuffle in Limited Edition Steel

The Apple Store also introduces its exclusive all-stainless-steel 4GB Special Edition iPod Shuffle for $99.  Aside from the splash of colors, the new iPod Shuffle still bears its cool features from easy-access controls over at the earphone cord, multiple playlists, and VoiceOver that tells users about the artist, title of the song, and the playlist that is currently playing.

Image source:  Apple.

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