iPod Rotating Alarm Clock Docking Station

Rotating Docking Station

When you think that devices incorporating the use of the popular iPod has died down, well, think again. There seems to be quite a number of gadgets that now help users have several options when using their own trusty iPod’s. Check out this iPod rotating alarm clock docking station for example.

This nifty little gadget is not only designed for use for the iPod, an iPhone will also work well with it. This gadget is a rotating alarm clock that can be made to stand in a number of ways as a docking station. An iPod can be docked on it by its side or vertically all without looking awkward. The digital clock display can also be positioned right side up every time the docking stations is turned on any placement orientation.

A great way to charge as well as to hear the booming sound through the speakers makes this docking station quite a gadget to have with your iPod or iPhone. The docking station also comes with an additional accessory which will make any type of mp3 player compatible with the docking station.

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