iPod Nano with Video Camera

iPod Nano with Video Camera

Apple asks you, "Why settle for just a small camera that just takes videos and posts them on YouTube when you can have a really cool media player with a video camera on it?"  (Yes, it is talking about you, Flip.)

Introduced at their 09 09 09 event, the new iPod Nano now has a H.264 VGA video camera that captures life’s precious moments of out-of-the-blue instances into 640 x 480 clips in up to 30 frames per second.  Take videos either in portrait and landscape, then sync your Nano with the Mac so you could upload those clips in YouTube, Facebook, MobileMe, or simply e-mail them to your friends.  It even has a built-in microphone and external speakers so you could also hear the video while playing back your video on the larger 2.2-inch color display.

The video camera is also packed with 15 real-time special effects.  You can either change the colors of your video such as Sepia or Black and White, make the clips Stretch or Twirl, and even turn videos into views that are unheard of in other similar devices like the X-Ray, Film Grain, Thermal, and Security Cam views.

Apart from the new video camera, the iPod Nano gets a makeover and tags along a slew of features that will surely make it even more popular.  For one, it has an FM radio tuner that not only plays the current songs, but you can also pause the radio even while live-a feature similar to TiVo-as well as iTune Tagging, wherein you could simply "tag" the song you hear on the radio using the Click Wheel, then let iTunes create a list of all your tagged songs so you could preview or purchase them once synched to iTunes. 

It also has Apple Genius, which automatically provides you with other cool songs similar to the ones you currently dig.  Meanwhile, the VoiceOver feature speaks the names of songs and artists even while playing so you do not have to look at the screen over and over.

Fitness junkies could also make use of the Nano’s new pedometer feature, letting your media player count every step you take.  The Nike + iPod Sport Kit makes your Nano a perfect workout partner by connecting the Nike + receiver to the media player, then set your preferred playlist that gets you running.  You can then monitor your time, pace, distance, and calories burned after your run and even sync it to the Mac, which in turn would automatically send data to NikePlus.com.

Finally, use the microphone to record voice memos, reminders, a class lecture, a podcast, or any other audio recording.

Avail of the new iPod Nano at the Apple store.  It comes in two versions:  the 8GB costing US$149 and the 16GB at $179.

Image source:  Apple

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