iPod Nano 3rd Generation

Apple Nano Third Generation

The third-generation Apple iPod Nano has its share of admirers and haters, and we can’t blame them. Its features and design takes an acquired taste, even for hardcore Apple users.

Compared to its second-generation predecessor, the new iPod Nano is just as wide as it is thin. It looks like a small square, in contrast to the "candy bar" appearance of its former models, while it is insanely several millimeters thinner than the second-gen model. Despite its size, the new iPod Nano comes in a two-inch screen-bigger than its predecessor-for better video viewing.

The new Nano boasts of the features its bigger, bulkier versions can do, if not even better. It also comes with a preview pane that splits the screen in half without any lagging issues.

But what’s amazing in the third generation iPod Nano is its performance. Gone are the tiny, hollow sounds that is familiar in past Nanos. The audio quality in the new Nano sounds much like the iPod Classic, but on a flatter side. Meanwhile, video quality is clear and crisp with well-saturated colors. Plus, it even has built-in games.

Its downside is that the new iPod Nano has a chrome backing, which is prone to fingerprints as well as surface scratching. Meanwhile, the Hold switch is transferred to the bottom, making it impossible to operate the gadget with one hand.

Meanwhile, video playback is a challenge in the new Nano (as with most Apple music devices) because it requires an expensive authorization chip.

Although the slender form of the previous iPod Nano model is very much missed, the third-generation iPod Nano has more advantages. For one, it is less expensive for a 4GB MP3 player. Also, it is one of the smallest, thinnest, and most exquisitely designed music players in the market.

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