iPod Buying Guide

Having music on-the-go has become a necessity. Mp3 players have gained popularity all over the market. And without a question, the Apple iPod is the best-selling brand for digital music players.

However, buying an iPod is not as simple as going to the Apple Store, eyeing an iPod that fits your budget, and choosing the iPod color of your liking. To get the best iPod that will suit you and to truly enjoy your listening experience, you first need to assess your needs and know which kind of user are you. Give a quick rundown of the features of each iPod and know which will fit into your lifestyle. Here are some helpful tips when buying an iPod:

Size matters. If you’re carrying your iPod with you everywhere you go, then size should be a major issue. The iPod Nano is small in size and easily fits in your pocket. It is also great for exercising in the gym, while putting on just a little weight. If you bring your music with you when running, then the clip-on feature of iPod Shuffle would come in handy. The iPod Classic and iPod Touch is not that recommended for exercisers as they may prove to be a little too bulky.

Know how much capacity you should get. If you have a large music collection, then the iPod Classic (available up to 160 GB) is for you. Store all your digital multimedia, from songs, videos, photos, and other files, without ever worrying of running out of space for a long time. For modest music collections and small video clips, then the iPod Nano (available in 4 GB and 8 GB) should already work for you.

More than just music. If you would be using your iPod as a music player and nothing more, extra features shouldn’t be a part of the equation. But if you’re wanting more than just music and want your iPod fully-featured and packed with the latest technology, the slick iPod Touch should provide these and more. The iPod Touch has a large screen with touch screen-based controls and more software applications. It is recommended for film lovers who want to enjoy their movies anywhere they may be. There’s also the convenience of using the internet with the iPod Touch’s WiFi capabilities.

Check for other necessities. If you want to protect your smooth and shiny iPod from getting scratched, purchase a protective case that’s specially made for your iPod. There are different stylish and practical cases to match your every mood and need. Also consider getting an extended warranty for your iPod. The standard iPod warranty only lasts for a year that’s why adding an extra three years should pay for any repair that your iPod will need in its lifespan.

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