iPhoney For Teething Kids


Teething tots would bite at practically anything to ease the uncomfortable feeling on their gums. It does not help that they have to have something to chew whenever the need for one arises – which is often. Of course, not just anything will do. Hard objects could harm your baby’s gums. The solution is to buy some overpriced teething toy, but where’s the fun in that?

Do what Corey Jones, father and iPhone fanatic, did. He made a wooden replica of his beloved iPhone to serve as his daughter’s chew-toy. No laser-etched job for Mr. Jones either. Everything was hand-carved, from the button, right down to the Apple logo. Now his baby has something to sink her teeth into that he (Jones) is a fan of!

Step-by-step features are available for viewing at Flickr.

Image source: coolest-gadgets.com

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