iPhone Powered Personal Fan

If you are still looking for a simple yet unique gift for a friend of family member this holiday season, here is one for the iPhone owner you know. The iPhone Powered Personal Fan may be a unique iPhone accessory to give to a friend. And its unique function would certainly be something that any friend would appreciate.

If you have a friend who is just tired of the usual iPhone accessories out there, this iPhone Powered Personal Fan would be an interesting change. No, it does not necessarily add up to the features of the iPhone. But rather, it adds another function that most other iPhones may not be able to provide- a means to cool off when it is hot. And although it is currently the cold season and a friend would not be using it immediately, the iPhone Personal Fan accessory would surely prove to be useful by the time summer comes. Just consider it as advanced thinking when buying this one for a friend this Christmas. The iPhone Powered Personal Fan is available at ThinkGeek for US$13. But buyers should be aware that this fan will not work on the iPhone 5. Bummer.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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