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After the revolutionary Pocketguitar that allows users to strum their own melodies anywhere they feel like it, the iAno is the next best thing to check out. iAno is an application that can be easily installed into the iPhone. It allows the music playing gadget to transform into a musical instrument, virtually speaking. Through the touch screen capacity you can easily play the do-re-mi using the piano keys that will appear on the screen. Just like the real instrument, the iAno accords a four octave keyboard experience thanks to the iPhone’s revolutionary multi-touch interface.

Developed by the brains behind the Pocket guitar and drums, Mister Aardvark, complex chords would be just a fiddle away as the iAno keyboard animates upon touch and with five keys it can be pressed at once. On screen navigation buttons are provided to set the octaves down or up. Also, recording as well as replaying composed melodies are very much possible. Still sounds complicated? At this point you might even want to consider trading your real antique piano sitting at the living room.

If playing the musical instrument is your waterloo, this might just turn that upside down. Not only does the iAno allow you to play the keys and record your own tunes anywhere, it can also play along with the songs stored with your MP3. Be it a Beethoven masterpiece or a Coldplay favorite, you’ll sure feel like a pro. Fans of the iAno might want to watch out for the upcoming version that has a complete 88-key keyboard function, switchable sample sets, and support .MID track loading for playback.

With the pocket guitar, drums and piano, the idea of having a number of bands popping up like mushrooms, creating music that becomes a last song syndrome, wouldn’t be as surprising. Thanks to these musical applications ready to invade iPhone.

For a demonstration of this miracle gadget, you can check out the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-CFD_1tP9w

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