iPhone Coming to The Far East


In an absolutley short and sweet Press Statement, SingTel, Singapore’s biggest mobile network, announced that they will be bringing the iPhone to East Asia and Oceania along with other carriers for other countries.


SingTel, Bharti Airtel, Globe and Optus today announced that they have signed an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to Singapore, India, the Philippines and Australia later this year.

Well at long last.

It’s gong to be nearly a year since the iPhone first hit shelves in the US and swept across Western Europe. And the Far East will finally be getting their legal iPhones with plans. Sure the iPhone has been smuggled in and jailbreaked in Sg, In, Ph and Au, but it’s still different and better of course when a local carrier does sign with Apple so support for the device can be assured.

However, there are no details as to what model of the iPhone would be released. 2G iPhones have already been cleared from the US and Europe and Apple did promise us a 3G version. So will the said countries be sporting the 3G version? Possibly, they are in fact more advanced than the US telcos and have been using 3G networks ever since the iPhone was announced. This ready infrastructure was probably the reason why the iPhone did not go there in the first place. Apple may have been trying to test the 2G networks in the US and Europe first then simultaneously release the 3G version worldwide.

Whatever it is, we all hope it’s 3G.. here and there.

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