iPhone Coffee Table

iphone coffee table

If you are looking for the type of furniture which is classy and at the same time contains more than the logo of an iconic gadget, then you may prefer to have the iPhone Coffee Table in your living room.

This is an ideal furniture for gadget-lovers out there since it is an image of style and posh. Created with the use of corrugated cardboard and wood glue, it has this sort of low-profile appearance to it. Yet, of course, it is strong as it is stiff in terms of durability.

Perhaps the most interesting part are the detachable icons which resemble the ones that you can see on an iPhone desktop. These icons act as the table’s coasters where you can conveniently place your mugs on it. These coaster icons are stacked up above their original apps.

A brainchild of iLounge readers Tuan Nguyen and Ken Thomas along with their other associates, this may not run on any application of sorts but once you have your hands on one, you will surely like it.

51 BC double wall and 32 B flute have been used in creating this table. The coasters on the other hand are made of black .040 Styrene. However, the price of this furniture is not yet available. It seems that we have to wait, then.

Image source: www.ilounge.com

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