Will the Budget iPhone be Called “iPhone 6”?

iPhone 5, the budget iPhone

iPhone 6, the budget iPhone

The International Business Times has reported that the budget iPhone may be called “iPhone 6” and will be released on late September along with the follow up to the iPhone 5 called “iPhone 5S” and the iOS 7. The cheaper, plastic-encased version of the iPhone is aimed at developing countries, as well as emerging markets like India and China.

Despite the speculations on the brand name, Dave Smith of IBT believes that Apple would simply refer to the budget iPhone as just that: “iPhone”. He also bold predicts that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S will be unveiled on September 27, a Friday. However, he believes that Apple will release the two smartphones to the market on separate dates to avoid major crowd control problems at its retail stores, with the iPhone 6 be released weeks after the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 6, together with the iPhone 5.

A cheaper version of the iPhone is what Apple needs to cement its dominance in the smartphone market. While different iterations of the iPhone have witnessed impressive sales performance, it still costs just as much as a laptop when purchased without the carrier subsidies, which turns off many consumers from other countries. As Smith explains, a 16GB model of iPhone 5 costs $1,329 in India, which is around twice the price of the same smartphone in the United Stated when unsubsidized. The iPhone’s steep pricing has given an opportunity for other manufacturers to come up with Android-powered smartphones that have similar performance for a lower price.

Here is what we have heard so far about the iPhone 6: it will be encased in plastic (or polycarbonate, according to other sources), while its chassis will be a hybrid of plastic and metal; that it would be a “cross between the iPhone 5, the fifth-gen iPod Touch, and the iPod classic”; will sport a 4-inch screen like the iPhone 5; and a flat, centered SIM card tray like the iPhone 5.

Source: International Business Times

Image source: Techdy

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