iPhone 5 to Include Edge-to-Edge Screen?

You’ve heard it right, it’s another iPhone 5 rumor. You see, speculations have been floating around whether next-gen iPhone would include 3GS connectivity and let the design as is or come up with a revolutionary hardware powered by a new OS. And judging from these recently-posted screen grabs, we may know the answer.

An app developer with connections to speech recognition company Nuance has put up a series of image of what looks like an iPhone that comes with an edge-to-edge screen. The grabs are displayed at the SpeechTrans Ultimate Powered by Nuance app in the iTunes store and it did not take too long for tech blogs to spot it. These images, however, are part of a series of screen shots for the app. Only two of the five appear with “the new iPhone,” while the rest feature a regular iPhone 4. And since the photos are obviously mock-ups, some speculate that the app screen could have been “too wide” to fit into the iPhone photo.

But what we do know is that Nuance will have a significant role in iOS 5 with its voice and speech recognition technology. And since SpeechTrans TM has ties to Nuance, it cannot be too far-fetched that the app developer has some knowledge about the upcoming iPhone. And if iPhone 5 indeed would have an edge-to-edge screen, perhaps Samsung’s argument is right, after all.

Source: PC World, via MobileCrunch

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