iPhone 2.1 Firmware Update Announced

 iPhone Firmware 2.1

Apple has recently released the iPhone 2.1 firmware update made available on iTunes. The said firmware update was released to correct bugs found on the previous version of the iPhone firmware. And by corrections, there certainly is a lot.

With the firmware that iPhone had previously received a lot of complaints from users, the recently released version promises to help get rid of most of them. For one, the new firmware will now be able to decrease call drops and setup failures experienced by many users which can really be a headache.

It also seeks to correct and fix the bugs that caused the iPhone to hang and crash when running 3rd party applications. An improved and more accurate signal display as well as better text messaging performance comes with the new firmware.

Aside from the bug corrections, the iPhone firmware 2.1 will also add better features to the handy and cool gadget that everybody seem to want nowadays. With the firmware update, battery life of the phone can be improved dramatically. Not only that, the firmware also promises to reduce the time needed to backup to iTunes.

The firmware offers other notable improvements that would help make the iPhone an even more appealing gadget to have. The firmware update is available on the iTunes website.

Image Source: Apple

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