Ipaq 600 Business Navigator Silicone Case

Ipaq 600 Business Navigator Silicone Case

Pocket Solutions is a company which produces accessories for your mobile and digital gadgets. Pocket solutions has come up with the perfect solution to protect your Ipaq 600 Business Navigator.

Using silicone – a polymer that has a "backbone" of silicone-oxygen linkages, like those found in glass and sand – for the material, the case covers the entire gadget yet allows you to access your gadget’s accessories such as memory cards, stylus, etc.

It’s soft so you don’t have to worry about being, yet it’s slip- and impact-resistant. And because this silicone case completely covers your device, you won’t have to worry about scratching your device when you carelessly toss it into your bag or slip it into you pocket.

Pocket Solution’s Silicone case is an ingenious solution to your gadget protection dilemma.

Image source: Pocket Solutions

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