iPad 2 Vs Other Tablets- A Comparison

Apple has just launched the second version of the iPad. It seems that Apple, a company known to be more deliberate when it comes to launching products, has suddenly taken the opposite approach as it hastily introduced the Apple iPad 2 to consumers. It may have done so to stay ahead in the market that Apple pioneered as well as to maintain its upper hand from its competitors by coming up with a second tablet version while the other competing tablets are just about to debut.

In such cases, it may not be quite rare for people to start comparing the new iPad 2 with its other competitors that are about to enter into the tablet market- the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the HP TouchPad and the Blackberry PlayBook. Based on what data Apple has recently divulged concerning its new iPad 2 as well as those from its competitors, here is a breakdown of how these tablets may be sized up according to certain important aspects.


The Apple iPad 2 features an Apple A5 Dual Core 1GHz processor, putting it almost at the same level with most of its competitors, with only the TouchPad sporting a better processor at 1.2GHz. But the processor alone may not always be the best benchmark to use in comparing tablets in terms of processing speed and power management.


Apple unfortunately hasn’t provided the details on how much RAM the iPad 2 comes with. Although some people may be expecting it to be 512MB, there are others who believe that it may still come with 256MB, the same as the original. But nonetheless, the iPad 2 may still be left behind in this comparison as the Motorola Xoom, Blackberry PlayBook and the HP TouchPad is expected to have 1GB RAM inside.


The iPad 2 now features the standard two camera design, just like the other competing tablets. But in terms of resolution specs, it may still lag behind the other tablets. The iPad 2 was indicated to feature a VGA front camera and with the rear one still unspecified. Only the HP TouchPad may come at almost the same level with the iPad 2. Although it sports only a single front facing camera, it comes with a 1.3MP camera sensor, better than the iPad 2’s supposed VGA version.

Form Factor

The new iPad 2 may have an advantage in this case since it will be considered as the thinnest tablet yet in its category, doing away with a third of the thickness of the original iPad. It is also second in terms of weight at only 1.35 pounds, with only Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet being lighter.


The iPad 2 may be considered as setting up the benchmark for pricing as it is expected to cost at a base price of US$499. That is cheaper than what the Motorola Xoom tablet may cost, which is expected to cost as much as US$800. The other tablets have not yet provided the pricing details, but their companies will surely try to adjust their tablet prices according to what Apple recently announced for its iPad 2 tablet.

Although there are other features that these tablets may be compared to in order to provide a better comparison with each other, those stated above may already provide somehow a certain idea on where the iPad 2 stands. People can expect to see the new Apple iPad 2 this March 11.

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