ioSafe Solo External Hard Drive

iosafe solo

ioSafe Inc., the leading vendor of disaster-proof hardware devices and technologies, released the world’s first ever 1.5TB external hard drive, the ioSafe Solo. Optimized to reduce data loss risks, this low cost external hard drive is a perfect backup solution to protect data from harmful elements like water and fire.

Attendees at the 2009 CES were impressed with the ioSafe Solo after its waterproof and fireproof capabilities were tested and compared against unprotected hard. In fact, this device will survive being submerged in 10 feet of water for around 10 minutes and will survive fire for around 30 minutes. The ioSafe Solo is truly one hell of a hard drive.

The ioSafe Solo is perfect if you have an action movie lifestyle. You’ll never know when bad guys or natural disasters are going to destroy your very important data. A 500GB model costs $199, but upgrading the drive can be quite difficult since it’s pretty bomb-proof. So it’s recommended to go for the 1.5TB model, which is reasonably priced at $349. Early birds will get a $50 discount.

Image Source: ioSafe

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