iOS 7 for Apple

At WWDC 2013 today, developers can have access to iOS 7. However iOS won’t be released on Apple’s devices until this fall.

iOS 7 according to Apple CEO Tim Cook is “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.”

These are the following changes that people will see in the new iOS 7.

Multitasking features:

iOS 7 will be better at monitoring background processing for all apps concerned. For example, when using apps that send push notifications, your phone will allocate a % of background processing to that app so that response time will be faster.

Apple has also added full previews of running apps, eliminating the standard icons.

An iOS 7 Control Center:

You don’t have to go out of an app to control adjust setting separately. Any app now has that standard setting to that can control Wi-Fi, brightness and other frequently used settings. It is more intuitive in the sense that integration into other apps, like flashlights, starting songs and AirPlay, can be done with a single tap.

Activation Lock:

Perhaps this is one the best security features iOS 7 has released, trumping other security apps in the market. This prevents thieves from activating your iPhone on another network unless they know your iCloud password. That means, should they try to turn off Find My iPhone or if they wipe the device entirely, they will not be able to reactivate it.

Safari for iOS 7:

Aside from looking like a copy of Chrome with tabs (you can now go beyond the 8-tab limit), it also automatically syncs with your iCloud Keychain for password management. You can also rearrange the tabs by swiping. A unified search menu was also added.


Now you can share files or photos peer-to-peer with other iOS users wirelessly, without “bumping” (that gets rid of that Bump app). The downside is, it will only work on the latest devices – iPad 4th gen, iPad mini, latest iPod touch and the iPhone 5.

Overhauling Photos and Camera:

You can now create photo group albums called Shared Photostreams that other users can post and share as well. Videos clips can now be shared via iCloud Photostreams in iOS 7.

Choose your own Siri:

If you want Siri to be male or female – that is now an option that is open to you. Siri can also now get info from Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing.

iOS 7 for the Car:

Expect support for iOS 7 to be integrated into your Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Chevy, Kia, Volvo, Acura and others.

New App Store:

Aside from the new design, it automatically updates your apps too. App choices are dictated by popularity based on what your friends are using.

iTunes Radio:

For those who use Pandora or Songza, expect something similar to be built into your new iOS 7 iTunes. You can now listen to stations or playlists by “themes” or “artist-centric” stations. iTunes Radio has also gotten smarter. It will also keep track of all the music that stuff you listen to across iTunes, Apple TV and on iOS 7. For now it is free with ads. iTunes Match subscribers get it free without ads.

Other additions to iOS 7 that are worth mentioning are:

  1. Weibo Integration in China
  2. Per-app VPN for Enterprise
  3. Notification Sync
  4. Audio-only Facetime
  5. Plus more than 1500 APIs, support for third-party game controllers, new multitasking APIs.


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