ION Video 2 Go Digital Video Converter

Memories are not only forever etched in one’s mind. They can also be recorded into video and replayed again and again for reminiscing. But unfortunately, some of the videos may still be in its analog format, recorded and stored in older video tapes that require older players that may now be obsolete. The best option to still be able to enjoy them is to have them digitized. One option would be using this new ION Video 2 Go Digital Video Converter.

The ION Video 2 Go Digital Video Converter is a simple yet valuable device that will allow you to convert your analog video into its digitized form that you can watch on your PC or other portable video player. The ION Video 2 Go can be connected to your older video camera, video player, VCR and other audio or video source using a composite or S-video inputs. You can then connect it to your PC or laptop via USB and can play the videos from there.

The included software in Video 2 Go converts the analog video into digital that allows you to download it into your computer for later playback and sharing. The Video 2 Go also works with Quicktime, iMovie and other popular formats for added convenience. The ION Video 2 Go is available at ION Audio for US$50.

Image Source: ION Audio

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