Ion USB Turntable

ion usb turntable

Vinyl does not deserve to feel alone and die a slow, moldy death in your basement. The audio pioneer should not be treated this way. Liberate your precious vinyl records digitally using the Ion USB Turntable. Whether you have a mountain of old 33s, 45s, or even 78s, you can now rip them to MP3s using this incredible device.

The Ion USB Turntable works like, well, any regular turntable. But simply plug this high-tech turntable into your PC’s (Windows or Mac) USB port and use the software provided (Audacity) to convert your vinyl into MP3s, WMV, and WAV. You can also use the software to digitally enhance your vinyl by removing unattractive clicks and pops. What is more, the device can also rip your old cassette tapes by plugging a tape deck into a secondary port.

You can convert an album all in one go. Just break up and name the tracks and record them at double speed and Audacity will convert the tracks back to "real" time. With the Ion USB Turntable, your vinyl can now wave goodbye joyfully knowing its content has been digitally transplanted into the future. So go get one for only $99.99 and listen to tracks you have not heard in years.

Image Source: Think Geek

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