Ion U Record Music Converter

Ion U Record

If you are an avid music collector and would want to store your favorite music collection as efficiently and as conveniently as possible, then digitizing them and storing them in your PC may be the obvious choice. But this can be a problem if you have a collection of cassette tapes and vinyl records. Even listening to them becomes difficult if you no longer have a decent tape player or turntable. Ion has the U Record Music Converter to help resolve your problems.

The Ion U Record Music Converter is a unique device that allows you to digitize your cassette tape and vinyl record music collection and allow you to download them on your iPod or mp3 player. The U Record Music Converter comes with a USB connection that you can connect into your PC, it also comes with several other connectors that allow you to connect your U Record to your old cassette tape player as well as your old turntable.

While playing your cassette tape player or turntable, the U Record digitizes the audio and then allows it to be stored into your PC as an mp3 file using special software. Now you have your music collection in a format that you can store into your mp3 player for more convenient listening. This unique gadget is available at the Ion site for US$50.

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