ION Tape 2 GO- USB Cassette Walkman

ION Tape 2 GO- USB Cassette WalkmanIf ever there was one device that defined the 80’s, it would have been the popular Walkman. This diminutive square rectangular device is the precursor of today’s MP3 and other portable music players. Instead of digital songs stored in flash memory, the songs come in analog form and stored in cassette tapes. It became a very popular medium for listening to the music in the 80’s. However, the technology that both the Walkman and cassette tapes use has become obsolete through the years. But the appeal of nostalgia is still there among people who cherished the 80’s down to the early 90’s. Today’s generation may still have that 80’s experience using this unique ION Tape 2 GO- USB Cassette Walkman.

The ION Tape 2 GO- USB Cassette Walkman looks just like the said device of old. It can also play those classic audio cassettes that you may still have hanging around your parent’s home. You can always revisit those times and experience just how music was then heard in analog. But the ION Tape 2 GO- USB Cassette Walkman comes with some added features that today’s generation may also appreciate- it provides users with a way to convert analog sound from cassette tapes and make them digital as MP3 files.

The ION Tape 2 GO- USB Cassette Walkman can help you covert those analog cassette tapes into MP3 files using the Ez Vinyl / Tape Converter software. A USB cable allows you to connect the device into a computer or laptop for digital conversion of your cassette tapes. You can then store and transfer the digital copies of the analog songs and listen to them on other more modern music players. The ION Tape 2 GO- USB Cassette Walkman also comes with a 1.8mm audio output so that you can connect it to a headphone, stereo or other speaker systems for listening. For those still interested in recapturing the sound of the 80’s using this device, it is available at ThinkGeek for $50.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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