ION Sound Shine Audio Bulbs

ION Sound Shine Audio BulbsLight and sound always seem like a good pair. Both can create the mood and atmosphere of any room. Although they can work separately to create such effect, working together makes them even more effective. Having the ION Sound Shine Audio Bulbs in your home can help you achieve just that.

The ION Sound Shine Audio Bulbs is a unique combination of a LED light bulb and a Bluetooth speaker in one device. Not only will it give you the lighting you need in a room, it can also help fill the room with sound. A pair of ION Sound Shine Audio Bulbs comes with two LED bulbs that provide an equivalent intensity of 60-watt standard bulbs.

The built-in Bluetooth speakers can deliver rich, room filling sound. They can be used as a stereo pair or can function as separate stand-alone units.

The ION Sound Shine Audio Bulbs can also be quite useful in cramped rooms. People may now be able to save space and still have a way to fill rooms with sound without having to set up a sound system. And with the LED bulbs dimmable using a free app, it can also help set up the mood in the home to fit in with the music playing in the background. The ION Sound Shine Audio Bulbs is available at Think Geek for $130 a pair.

Image Source: Think Geek

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