ION CopyCat Portable Scanner

Scanning actual documents and images to digitize them was once quite troublesome with having to use big devices and equipment in order to do so. But technology has once again made it more convenient by making scanners smaller. With the new ION CopyCat Portable Scanner, it can’t get any more convenient than this.

The ION CopyCat is a portable handheld scanner that lets you scan and digitize books, papers, photos and other documents. It can scan documents for up to 600 DPI. Full page scanning takes as little as two seconds and can easily be stored in JPEG format into microSD cards than can then be transferred into a PC via USB. It runs on two AA batteries that can last fro scanning up to 200 pages. The ION CopyCat Portable Scanner is available at Firebox for 80 UK pounds. That is around US$128.

Image Source: Firebox

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