ION Clipster Active Portable Clip-on Speaker

ION Clipster ActiveMany people like their things portable and handy. While some things are better off as bulky, there are many things that people prefer for mobility. One the many examples are portable speakers. There are people who prefer having speakers that they can carry around with them. But some portable speakers are still a bit bulky for comfort. For those who like a better option, nothing may come as close to being portable as the new ION Clipster Active outdoor speaker.

The ION Clipster Active may be as portable as an outdoor speaker can get. It is small enough that users can just clip it on any keychain. It is also a wireless speaker that can stream audio from music player or smartphone via Bluetooth. Not only that, the ION Clipster Active can also act as a speakerphone that will enable you to answer calls from a paired smartphone. It has a built-in microphone to enable you to answer calls without ever having to take out your smartphone.

The ION Clipster Active also works as a portable remote control when you play streamed music from a smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled music player. It comes with controls that let you adjust the volume or skip songs. The metal clip that you can attach to a belt loop, keychain or backpack makes it as handy as any portable speaker can be. A tough rubber covering and IPX4 waterproof features make it ideal for outdoor use. The ION Clipster Active comes with a rechargeable battery built-in that can provide up to 3 hours of use from its 1.5 watt speaker. This portable wireless speaker is available at ThinkGeek for $60.

Image Source: ION

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