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ION Audio has just introduced a 35mm slide and film scanner called SLIDES 2 PC. This gadget is for people who want to preserve precious memories digitally. With its very fast, one-touch scanning and a single-cable connection, SLIDES 2 PC is a perfect device to update your memories and share them to your family and friends. It makes it fun and easy to rediscover your valuable 35mm film slides and negatives on your PC.

Although its 5 MP and 2592 x 1680 scanner and four-glass optic element, the device won’t provide you the same results as what a professional counterpart does, but it gets the job done in two seconds at a fraction of money. The unit features a fixed-focus range and has built-in color and exposure control and color balance. These all minimize procedures for post-scan touchup. It also includes easy editing and image-transfer software.

SLIDES 2 PC also features a high-speed and single-cable USB 2.0 computer connection. It has portable design with a really small footprint. Aside from the scanner, the package includes optics cleaning tool, two slide trays, quick start guide, and software CD. You only need Windows: XP or Vista, 50 MB available hard disk storage, 128 MB RAM, Pentium III 450 processor, and a USB 2.0 port. You can purchase SLIDES 2 PC for $99.99 at the company’s website

Image Source: ION Audio

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