Introducing iTunes 9

iTunes 9

Apple has just unveiled a new and improved upgrade on iTunes.  The iTunes 9 adds more functional features and refinements that are sure to rock and shock every user.

The highlight of iTunes 9 is the Genius Mixes function that finds songs within your library that go great together, and then create multiple mixes automatically. 

Download albums and experience the beauty beyond the cover art with iTunes LP.  Some albums now come in an interactive environment like animated lyrics, liner notes, performance videos, artist photos, and loads of other bonus material.  Meanwhile, the Home Sharing function can let you browse up to five iTunes libraries from authorized computers within your household, then import what you like and even add new downloads made on any of those computers into your own library.

The iTunes Store gets refurbished with a new look and refined navigation, making it easy to explore songs, movies, TV shows, and other media.  You can even come up with your own wish list to let your friends know what download they could gift to you on your special occasion.  Also, select movies purchased from the iTunes Store now comes with tons of special features like interviews, trailers, production photos, and more.

Other special features include a more simplified synching with your computer, now that you can also organize all the apps on your iPhone and iPod Touch within iTunes, buy ringtones of your favorite songs directly from the iTunes Store, as well as bragging your fave media from iTunes to your social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Image source:  Apple

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